If using the PayPal app on your phone or mobile device, log in and go to your profile picture in the upper right corner. Click on your picture and your profile will appear. Now click on your @XYZ (listed in blue) under your name. A new screen will appear with a link to “Share my Profile”. Once you click share, you can select “Copy” on your phone. Now, return to WishingWell registration and “Paste” your link in the box marked PayPal.Me

Friends and family will be directed to your specific PayPal account to send a donation. Be sure that your PayPal account is secured with a safe password. WishingWell is not liable for errors or if your PayPal password gets compromised. Please read the disclaimer that is listed under Terms/Conditions, which was agreed upon during registration.

If you are creating a Journey page for someone else, it is recommended to help them set up their own registration account and attach their personal PayPal link to avoid confusion. At this time, all 3rd party donation links are directly associated with the registered user/author of the Journey page.