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Care Calendar

If your family has any needs that could be placed on a Care Calendar, the feature is a great way to communicate those.

Benefits include:

  • ride to an appointment
  • pick up prescriptions or groceries
  • babysitter for an afternoon
  • or just a good homecooked meal brought to your family…

Whatever your needs may be, log in to and create your personal care calendar. From the website, you can share your specific URL or link by copying and pasting it here on WishingWell. There is a free version to use, it is easy and doesn’t take long to start. Everyone wants to help! If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be following your journey. So please let them give a helping hand.

WishingWell has partnered with RaiseRight

An online gift card company.

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If you are willing to accept e-gift cards, this is another convenient way for friends and family to help! By opting in to receive giftcards, your friends and family have the opportunity to purchase e-gift cards and have them sent electronically to your email. You do not have to have a RaiseRight account to receive gift cards. All you have to do is just OPT IN!

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